Fruit Enzyme Dry Face Mask
Fruit Enzyme Dry Face Mask
Fruit Enzyme Dry Face Mask

Fruit Enzyme Dry Face Mask

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2 oz

This Fruit Enzyme Mask works by breaking down keratin proteins to shed the dull, dead outer layer of the skin, resulting in a smooth and glowing complexion.


Fruit Enzyme Dry Mask is a natural alternative to chemical peels and abrasive physical exfoliants. Apple Fruit Extract containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Pineapple Fruit Extract containing the fruit enzyme Bromelain sloughs off dead skin cells, resurfacing and revealing the healthy, new skin underneath. Gentle Kaolin Clay calms and absorbs dirt and excess oil without overdrying skin. Dry patches are smoothed and skin is left rejuvenated and glowing. 

This dry mask comes in a squeeze bottle for easy, controlled dispensing! Just add your favorite liquid (water, floral hydrosol, Aloe Vera liquid, etc) and mix. Apply to clean, DRY skin. Once dried, rinse and pat dry. Follow with our Heavenly Face Serum or your favorite moisturizer.

 Each bottle contains approximately 20-30 applications.


Kaolin Clay / Apple Fruit Extract / Pineapple Fruit Extract / Banana Extract / Orange Essential Oil

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