Under The Sea Dry Face Mask
Under The Sea Dry Face Mask
Under The Sea Dry Face Mask

Under The Sea Dry Face Mask

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2 oz

This face mask will detox and shrink pores, and leaves skin refined and glowing. 


Containing all the best ingredients found under the sea. Seaweed Powder is a powerhouse ingredient. It's loaded with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins E & B12, amino acids, and minerals. A powerful purifier, Seaweed powder draws out impurities while also providing benefits to the skin. It helps to resurface the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving skin revitalized and glowing! In addition to exfoliating, dry chapped skin is replenished thanks to the fatty acids within seaweed. Kelp packs a similar punch, also loaded with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, tones and leaves skin glowing. Rhassoul Clay nourishes, while absorbing impurities, dirt and toxins from the skin. Sea Clay is a powerful detoxifier, and like other sea and algae products has a very high composition of minerals and vitamins.

This dry mask comes in a squeeze bottle for easy, controlled dispensing! Just add your favorite liquid (water, floral hydrosol, Aloe Vera liquid, etc) and mix. Apply to clean, DAMP skin. Once dried, rinse and pat dry. Follow with our Heavenly Face Serum or your favorite moisturizer.

Each bottle contains approximately 20-30 applications.


Sea Clay / Rhassoul Clay / Seaweed Powder / Kelp Powder / Spirulina Powder / Bergamot Essential Oil / Rosemary Essential Oil

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