A One Woman Show



Born & raised in Ohio, as owner and creator I design and make SOAPCAKE's products. I've been soaping for nearly a decade & making other bath & body products about just as long. I work full time and create during my free time. Mother of 3 lovely ferrets & 1 fat cat

So, how exactly did SOAPCAKE come to be? I have always been very DIY oriented and love all things science. Is something broken? I'll learn how to fix it myself. One day after browsing the bath & body isle in a local natural foods store I decided I wanted to learn how to make my own soap. After discovering this new creative outlet and perfecting my process, I began giving my handmade products to friends and family. It didn't take long before great feedback started coming in and I realized that I had found my calling. Since then I've studied Cosmetic Chemistry, learned how to formulate, and expanded to bath bombs, shampoo & conditioner, lotions and all types of bath & body goodies.